Introductory Training Videos

Videos on this page:

  • Chuck Cleaning
  • High Speed Handpiece O-Ring Installation
  • Turbine Installation and Seating
  • Dental Turbine Balancing
  • Chuck Cleaning

    This video explains how and why to clean a dental handpiece chuck that is not functioning properly.
    Signs that a handpiece chuck is not functioning properly include when a bur does not hold well or slips while in use.

    High Speed Handpiece O-Ring Installation

    How to insert o-rings into a high speed dental handpiece. The o-rings on a high speed handpiece need to be replaced with each repair to maintain concentricity of the turbine. This video discusses the parts needed, tooling, and instructions on how to successfully complete the repair.

    Turbine Installation and Seating

    This video explains how to install and seat a turbine properly inside a dental handpiece. The video includes the parts needed, tooling and instructions on how to complete the repair successfully.

    Dental Turbine Balancing

    This video shows how to balance a dental sub-assembly. Every sub-assembly and turbine sold by Premium Handpiece Parts is balanced using a balancing machine and tested prior to sending them out. This process ensures there is minimal noise and vibration while the handpiece is used allowing for maximum life of the sub-assembly or turbine.

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